The site is finally partly open and people are coming in from the old and sites -- yes, we're all in here together so please, no rumbling (as in the 60s slang gang-fighting context). ;)

Some have asked, but for those who wondered but didn't ask, the main reason for switching the courses to this Teachable platform was that my server got hacked one too many times -- life's too short to have to mess with patches, backups, etc. Plus, I was paying $174 a month for my server and by switching I'm down to about $79 a month -- when you're a small business, an extra $95 a month is a big deal!

Anyway, welcome to all and while all the courses haven't been moved over, they will be. Plus, I have a new Corona course and a new Unity course that I'm planning to launch sometime in the next few months (getting this semester over first).