I was asked this question last week (and I've seen it many times before):

Q. I don't really have any programming knowledge, so what is the best way to learn to make games and apps?

A. The #1 thing is to know going in that it’s not going to happen overnight. There’s a learning curve for everything — even with the game development tools that say “no code necessary.”

For example, I’ve played around with both Construct2 (Win only) and Stencyl (Win/Mac) for making 2D games. Both have the ability to make good games, and both claim you can make games without code. And you can. But the learning curve on either is probably about the same as the learning curve for Corona SDK — you’re just focusing on different things. (The learning curve for Unity is much higher than for Corona — you have to learn the API plus a specific (very comprehensive) piece of software.)

However, once you’re past the learning curve with Corona you’re not limited by a tool — you can make whatever game or app your heart desires. (Well, within reason. There are limitations with everything.)

So the way to make it happen with Corona SDK (or even Unity) is to start following the tutorials — and DO them along with the video. Pause the video when you need to and actually type in the code being shown. There’s something about the action of typing in the code that helps it sink into your brain — copy and pasting doesn’t give you the same benefit.

Then, take whatever sample project you’ve created along with the video and start tweaking some things. Do the space ships always come from the left side? What can you do to make them come from the right side, top, or bottom? Can you make every fourth ship that appears be a pineapple instead of a spaceship?

Poke at the sample code. See what happens when you make changes. Every time you do that you’ll be gaining knowledge about the programming language and the API you’re using, which will make future endeavors easier.

If you can make game dev into a hobby and just “play” with it, you’ll likely make better strides than if you try and cram it all in within a week or a month.

It's not a race, so enjoy the journey.